Thursday 03 September, 2015

Back from the dead…


I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I have posted. Life, as usual gets in the way and then having WordPress crap out on me for awhile made it difficult to get anything posted. While it may be ambitious at this point to say that I will post once a week, that is the time frame I will shoot for. For the whole two or three people who read this blog, I will say hello and give a lowdown of what I have been up to in the gaming world. We just recently released the Cube of Death podcast. Imagine pub quiz trivia mixed with a dose of a D&D dungeon crawl. It’s a really cool concept (and I am not saying that because I am the host) that was created by my good friend Peter Bryant. Jayson Elliot and I had a long talk about the game and thought how cool it might be as a podcast. Give it a listen, you will be surprised how well the two mix. We have had John Wick, Brennan Taylor, Wayne, Dan, and John from Fear the Boot on our show, not to mention many other industry folks.

I am juggling several projects currently that are in various states of finish. On a few I am a collaborator, a few of them are mine, and a couple are freelance. Now to find the time to finish them. The topics range from sci-fi to fantasy, one even breaks the mold and covers the Blaxploitation genre. A few of these are for Tales From the Fallen Empire using the DCC engine by Goodman Games. A few others are looking to be D&D 5e compatible, a Lamentations of the Flame Princess scenario, All Flesh Must be Eaten and I even have one using Traveller. A couple of my collaborators are none other than Frank Mentzer and Merle Rasmussen, I am really excited about those two projects both will be unveiled soon enough.

That is really about it for now.



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