Tuesday 13 May, 2014

Powered by the Apocalypse


About two years ago I had a revelation while reading the rules to Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker. The system was one of the most perfect storytelling tools I have ran across in a very long time. There are many cool systems on the market to share a story with your gaming group (FATE Core and Barbarians of Lemuria) being a couple of them, but Apocalypse World really put player agency into perspective.

So last year I had an idea, a Pulp Adventure derivative that would draw its players into the two fisted world of Saturday morning and radio serials of the 30’s and 40’s. I had written a few pulp games in the past, but it was time I tried again with more of a story game approach.

I contacted Vince Baker late last year to pitch my idea and I got his blessing, but did not have the bandwidth to begin the project due to my obligations with my Tales From the Fallen Empire Kickstarter project. Now that Tales is pretty much put to bed I want to attempt to start putting this together.

Design Goals:

  • Playbooks that cover the iconic stereotypes of the pulps
  • An attribute system that resembles Styles from Pulp Era (1998 edition) and Approaches (FATE Accelerated)
  • Characters gain peril when bad things happen (with an end goal of cliffhanger)
  • Characters gain reputation when they do heroic deeds
  • Heroes guide the story by their exploits

Before I dig into the Playbooks, I want to think about Pulp Moves. Both player and GM moves that will give a pulp feel to the character actions.

This is where my readers will come in…

Boldly Games (makers of Grim World) was kind enough to give me a code for a PDF of their most awesome supplement for Dungeon World. I will give away the code to the one who submits a number of Moves ideas that would fit the Pulp genre. If more come in I will add to the prize pool by offering Powered by the Apocalypse product codes from Drivethru RPG.

Let’s see what the community comes up with. If it is something I use I will give you credit when I publish the playbooks later this year in a mini supplement.

Right now the working title is “To be continued…”




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