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Kobiashi Maru: D6 Star Trek – Races


So before I get into the Mini Six Star Trek races, I want to introduce a new mechanic.


While the six main attributes will cover most of the actions taken by the player character, there will arise a time when a physical, mental, or spiritual attribute will be tested.  Saves are based on one of the six attributes and are used to oppose an attack, determine a defense, or just when the GM needs a roll based on something other than training.


Prowess (Might): Equal to Military Attribute

Intellect (Wits): Equal to Academy Attribute

Discipline (Willpower): Equal to Command Attribute

While it is possible to just leave these out and call upon the base attribute, I find this easier (in my head anyway) to deal with certain situations.  Obviously these will change by the time I compile all these ideas.

Racial Perks

While I was trying to hash these out, I had the pleasure of going back and forth with one of the D6 forums moderators (Hey Grimmace!) .  I did not know if I wanted to get complex in these (like races in D6 Space) or really get simple (as in Mini Six).  I went through several drafts before I was comfortable with what I have done below.  As of now I am putting a Die cost to these based on balance.  Vulcans and Tellerites came out to be the most expensive, but I feel like these might be tweaked again.  Anyway this is what I have come up with.

Andorians – Cost 1

Antennae: These house both auditory and visual receptors for the Andorians. This allows, for enhanced depth perception, which extends into the infrared and an extended range of auditory frequencies. Andorians gain +2D to visual perception rolls and +2D to rolls based on hearing. Environmental Adaptability: Andorians are resistant to the extremes of heat, cold, and pressure and gain a +3D to rolls to resist ill effects of these conditions.
Aggressive: Andorians have been known to be pushy when things don’t exactly go their way.  Earn one CP when the character uses aggression (or violence) to get his way.

Orions – Cost 0

Sturdy (Males): Orion males are known to be stronger than most humanoids. They gain a +4D to Prowess saves when performing feats of strength.

Seductive (Females): Orion females use their unique physiology to their advantage; their highly potent pheromones accelerates the metabolisms of the males of many species. This gives Orion females the Seduction skill at a base 2D automatically or adds +2D if the skill is already chosen.

Stigma: Orion males and females have the stigma of being either pirates or slaves.  Whenever this stigma affects a scene the player gamins one CP.

Humans – Cost 0

Lucky: Humans tend find their way out of sticky situations often.  Their resilience gives them the ability to double a roll outcome once per session.  Human players may buy this perk an additional time during character generation.

Curious: Humans tend to follow their impulsive natures for good or bad.  Each time a human PC finds themselves in hot water because of their curious nature they gain one CP.


Tellarites – Cost 2

Enhanced Perceptions: Tellarites have highly developed auditory and olfactory senses giving them a +2D bonus to rolls based on these senses.

Techies: At the time of character creation, Tellarites receive 2D for every 1D spent in any repair or programming skill.

Poison Immunity: Tellarites gain +2D to Prowess saves to determine if he has become ill from ingesting toxins (including alcohol)

Subborn: Most Tellarites are feisty and hardheaded.  Earn one CP each time the character’s stubbornness affects a scene where everyone must agree on a challenge or task.

Vulcans – Cost 2

Nerve Pinch: When the character makes a Unarmed Combat attack, they may, instead of doing damage, paralyze there victim, who remains that way until he makes a successful Prowess or Discipline save against the Unarmed Combat skill total.

Sturdy: Vulcans have great endurance and gain a +4D to Prowess saves when performing taxing physical tasks.

Mind Meld: Vulcans gain the Psi power Mind Meld

Logical: Vulcan’s have great control over their emotions letting logic dictate their actions.  Earn one CP each time Logic interferes with your duties as a Star Fleet Officer.

So again, feed back would be great.  Next time I will get into Psi powers and try and define the Vulcan Mind Meld.

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