Friday 19 April, 2013

Kobiashi Maru: D6 Star Trek – Skills


So in my last post I covered the Mini Six Attributes I would use for D6 Star Trek : Academy (Education), Sciences (Medical & Practical), Operations (Engineering, Tactical, Communications, Helm/Nav)) Command (Administrative & Leadership), Personal/Background, and Military.

With those attributes broken down into acceptable Star Fleet Academy categories we now need to add skills.  The Cadet (this is what will will call the character when going through the char-gen process) will take 18 dice to divide amongst his attributes and then get an additional 10 dice to beef up his initial skills, chose a race, and select perks.  Complications can be taken at this phase (and at the end of each cruise) to add more dice to the mix.  I will be  tackling the Cruises in another post, right now we want to create our cadet right out of the academy.

So lets look at skills in each category:

Kobiashi Maru Skills


Administration, Behavior Modification, Presence, Diplomacy, Persuasion, Planetary Tactics, Starship Tactics, Strategic Operations


Communications, Engineering, Propulsion Systems, Starship Systems, Heavy Weapons (Starship), Personal Equipment, Security, Shipboard Systems, Vehicle Operations


Computer Science, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Planetary Sciences, Social Sciences, Space Sciences, World Knowledge


Acrobatics, Animal handling, Artistic Expression, Athletics, Barging, Charm, Culture (Local World), Disguise, Fast Talk, Gaming, History (Local World), Intimidation, Languages (Local World), Law (Local World), Merchant, Primitive Weaponry, Search, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Streetwise, First Aid


Demolitions, Energy Weapons, Espionage, Projectile Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Unarmed Combat


Planetside Survival, Federation History, Alien History, Federation Culture, Alien Culture, Alien Languages, Federation Languages, Federation Law, Alien Law, Federation History, Alien History, Alien Artistic Expression

Next up will Federation Races

I would love to hear your feedback on the skills… more, less, skills placed under the wrong attribute?

BTW: For those interested in the rule set I am basing this on, you can Download Mini Six for free from the Antipaladin Games website


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