Thursday 18 April, 2013

Kobayashi Maru: D6 Star Trek


I have now read/played three of the available Trek games out on the market.  This does not include homebrews, Prime Directive, or the original Heritage release of the game in the very early 70’s.  While I had a blast back in the day with the FASA Trek and a successful two part game with the  Decipher rules, I still feel that these games had more complexity than needed to tell a story.  I have heard some positive stuff about people using FATE for Trek, but honestly FATE does not do it for me.

So I am going to attempt a rules light attempt at creating a fan based rpg set in J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Universe using Mini Six by AntiPaladin Games.  As this is a fan piece I am hoping Paramount does not beat me up for the images and such I may use during this experiment.  I am also hoping that the readers of my blog will also make suggestions as I take this journey into the Final Frontier.

Mini Six is a D6 generic system made possible by the Open 6 license.  I have loved the D6 system since the days of the old Star Wars RPG, and perhaps that might be a place to look for ideas when designing this.

First off tonight lets look at Attributes! (Updated)

First off I am throwing out the standard Might, Agility, Wit, and Charm.  There will be 6 categories/attributes for this Trek game:

Academy (Education), Sciences (Medical & Practical), Operations (Engineering, Tactical, Communications, Helm/Nav)) Command (Administrative & Leadership), Personal/Background, and Military.  Each of the attributes will reflect skills learned in Star Fleet, character upbringing, and personal interests.  Under each of these attributes; related skills will be listed and room for players to add their own to personalize.

As I am focusing on the current Star Trek Mythos I will keep everything Federation based and TOS inspired.  At the moment I am looking at having the player split up 18 dice between the 6 attributes.  This will allow for an experienced officer.  Dice put into each attribute will show the time they spend learning at the Academy or on their own.  I will keep the rule of no more than 4 dice and no less than 1 in any attribute.

(Edit:  Reduced the number of Attributes and reorganized categories)

Next up Skills


  • Celestial says:

    Just FYI, technically, in Starfleet, Helm / Nav is considered “Command.” Thus why Sulu and Chekov wear gold shirts. You may already know this and decided to put those under “Operations” for game purposes, which is fine, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware that technically they’re Command. :)

  • James says:

    It was something I was going back and forth with. I was having problems filling up the skill list for Operations and tried to balance things out. I would love to hear any suggestions of how to re organize the skills. One of the reasons I did this in a blog forum is to let others pipe in and give suggestions. I have had some great advice from the D6 forums, but talking about it on the blog helps me focus my efforts.

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