Wednesday 24 April, 2013

Well it’s 2013… Where is my Neuralware Jack?


Every once in awhile I get nostalgic for games that I loved in my youth.  Starting from a background of fantasy RPGs there was not much in the 80’s that I played other than AD&D, Stormbringer, Call of Cthuhlu, etc.  Then comes 1988, I still remember the day I walked into Gamescape on the Divisidero and gazed upon that beautiful little black box.  It was very light as far as box sets went in those days and the white art work on a black background was mediocre. Heck I did not even know what “Cyberpunk” was back in the day.  I honestly did not start reading Gibson and Sterling for at least another year after this purchase, but I have always been a compulsive game buyer so I said “what the hell”!

Needless to say I played this game religiously for about 10 years after the purchase, I pretty much bought everything Max Mike Pondsmith threw at me.  R. Talsorian Games was a holy name in my world and Cyberpunk was the shit!  As with most games written in the 80’s the authors really did not think about time catching up with their fiction.  Man in 1988 it was sort of believable that in 2013 the Japanese would rule the world and I would be living in a Corporate Archology; jacked into “the net” and eating kibble.  The world of 1988 was one that was still in fear of Russia getting pissy with us and exchanging bombs.  That future was real!  Cyberpunk was going to happen!

Um yea…  Little did the Cyberpunk writers at the time foresee 9/11, the rise of China as a major power (and threat), tablet computers, x-Box, and all the other toys that we cannot live without.  Well I guess I am a wage slave and I work for a media corporation.  My love of high nutrient snacks is akin to kibble and the internet is in almost every home (as well as computers).  I consider Max Mike Pondsmith a good friend and someday I really want to sit down with him and ask… where is my flying car?  Needless to say Cyberpunk, the Interlock System, and building indestructible Solos is still a favorite hobby of mine.  No matter how off the the Cyberpunk genre is off, this game is still one of the better out there.  Catch me on Facebook or Google plus someday when I am itching for game.  I will crank up the Dead Kennedys, whip up an Edgerunner team and run you through an awesome gaming experience.



  • TomK says:

    So cyberpunk is your finned helms and bubble helmets? My cyberpunk campaign had the SinJap Bloc, and German-Hungarian Empire after a fallen CCCP. The orbitals, Walter Jon Williams was all south Asian and Russians.

  • James says:

    My CP2020 games were referred to as Kevlar Pajamas since I would always attack the party in the middle of the night. My CP games were filled with the corporations oppressing the smaller guy. My longest campaign (5 years) surrounded a Rockerboy named Johnny Flash and his band. They found themselves is an every growing conspiracy that included Mega Disney, Arasaka, and the MCDonalds-Sony Corporation.

    Fun times

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