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Tuesday 22 December, 2015

OSR Christmas or How the grognard stole Christmas

Well it’s December 2015. I’m still trying to figure out what happened this year. New management at work, some ups and downs with health, and I am still sitting on 4 projects that I need to get out the door. Enough of my bellyaching though. It’s the season of Santa, Jedi, Amazon packages, candy, and […]

Wednesday 17 April, 2013

Swords & Wizardry: Stepping Back to Move Forward

When Tenkard’s Tavern put out the call for bloggers to talk about Swords & Wizardry I pretty much dismissed it at first.  I have a love for all things OSR and I felt there was no need to sing the praises of one game over another.  It did however, get me to look over my […]

Tuesday 09 April, 2013

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day

About a week ago the call to all OSR bloggers went out to participate in Swords & Wizardry Appreciation day on April 17th.  I am happy to announce that Hexgeneration will be joining 115 other blogs (at last count) in blogging about this wonderful OD&D inspired game.  There are multiple clones out on the market that give […]

Monday 08 April, 2013

GaryCon V

First off… my apologies on not keeping this blog updated.  Between my RL job and the Tales from the Fallen Empire project I have been busy.  So with that said, let me get on with today’s topic GaryCon V! This has been the one event of the past few years that I have been dying to go […]

Sunday 03 June, 2012

RPG Magazine Review – Crawl No. 1

It has been a weird and wonderful two weeks.  Between managing the Kickstarter for my Sword and Sorcery Supplement Tales From the Fallen Empire, and trying to compile my notes into a book format it has been exhausting.  I wanted to post about something this week so I figured I would do a mini review. Dungeon […]

Sunday 13 May, 2012

The word of Gygax

About a week ago I was at my FLGS and ran into one of the local gamer kids.  He is someone that I admire for being open to playing different sorts of RPGs at a young age, but he tends to be a bit annoying at times.  He came up to me while I was […]

Friday 11 May, 2012

Bridging the Gamer Generational Gap?

Hello Again… First off I wanted to congratulate Tim H. for winning the blog opening contest.  His ideas game me some great fuel for thought.  Thanks to the others who also offered some sound ideas.  Grappling and overbearing rules have been a bug up my behind for many years, and now that I am about […]

Sunday 29 April, 2012

A DM only rolls the dice because of the noise they make…

  After 20 minutes of pondering how to open this blog and two weeks to figure out what I wanted to write… here it is. Welcome to Hexgeneration.  This blog serves two purposes.   1. to be a voice on my favorite topics (Role Playing Games, 80s-90s Goth, and Pop Culture).  2. game design/industry discussion. […]