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Monday 08 April, 2013

GaryCon V

First off… my apologies on not keeping this blog updated.  Between my RL job and the Tales from the Fallen Empire project I have been busy.  So with that said, let me get on with today’s topic GaryCon V! This has been the one event of the past few years that I have been dying to go […]

Wednesday 01 August, 2012

OSR in the RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I would like to do a review of the Book of Erotic Fantasy this is not the time.  Also, when I say RAW I am referring to Rules As Written. One of the aspects I really love about the whole OSR movement is bring us back to the days when rules were meant to […]

Tuesday 31 July, 2012

Unpacking my RPGs and the sadness of 4e (and other editions)

Sorry for the rant… So I just finished moving (well finished as in all my stuff is at the new place) and I am going through the ritual of setting up my bookshelves.  This is sacred to me as I have to place my RPGs in a certain order and make sure they are grouped […]

Friday 27 July, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Gygax (A letter to Gary)

:: A thank you letter to Gary Gygax:: Gary, I know this letter comes a bit too late.  We have conversed in the past via email, but unfortunately our paths never crossed and I was never able to say these words in person.  First of all I want to wish you happy birthday.  It is a day […]

Saturday 30 June, 2012

Pondering Organized Play

As a convention event coordinator I am always trying  to keep up with current gaming trends.  While having the standard fare of Game Masters scheduled to run board, card, and role playing game events, I am always looking to find what is going to fill tables.  One of the biggest draws always seems to be […]

Thursday 24 May, 2012

Tales From the Fallen Empire: Some Thoughts

As I get ready to embark on my next Kickstarter project, I have fallen into retrospect.  With hundreds of fantasy RPG settings out there (Forgotten Realms, Ptolus, etc.) why do I want to publish another?  What makes this setting better or worse than another?  As a instructional designer I have learned one solid rule when […]

Sunday 13 May, 2012

The word of Gygax

About a week ago I was at my FLGS and ran into one of the local gamer kids.  He is someone that I admire for being open to playing different sorts of RPGs at a young age, but he tends to be a bit annoying at times.  He came up to me while I was […]

Thursday 03 May, 2012

RPG marital aids

First I wanted to thank all those who posted comments on the last posting.  It was a nice warm welcome to the Blogsphere.  So on with tonight’s posting… Like a marriage a campaign can have its up and downs.  There are the awesome times when you and your players are in love with new concepts […]